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"In two weeks you will discover a part of mainland Greece and the islands of Paxos and Corfu. It is a journey in which you will encounter a lot of green nature and a beautiful azure sea on the islands. The journey starts in Sivota, originally a fishing village and now a cozy place where many sailing yachts moor. Sivota is surrounded by hills with pines, cypresses and olive trees. The environment is green, especially on the small islands that lie directly off the coast. Then you travel to Meteora, these are monasteries built high up the rocks. For us it's one of the highlights of mainland Greece.Then you go to Ioannina, a pleasant town and also a good base to visit the beautiful mountain region of Zagoria.Then it is time to relax on the islands.You start on Paxos. Paxos is a small and very green island. It has a rocky coastline with beautiful turquoise waters. Rent a boat to discover small coves that you cannot reach by car. the trip ends on Corfu, a very green island blessed by nature. Visit Corfu town with a mixture of Venetian, French, English and Greek architectural styles, the palace of Sissi and the beautiful bays with excellent beaches.

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Day-to-day description

Day 1
trip ionian islands

Day 1: Arrival at Corfu

Upon arrival at the airport of Corfu you will be brought to the port. A ferry will take you to the mainland. This trip will take 1,5 hours. On arrival at the port someone will be waiting to hand over your rental car. Afterwards you drive to Sivota, a 30 minute drive. Get some rest and explore the surrounding area.

Day 2 & 3
trip ionian islands

Day 2 & 3: at leisure in Sivota

Sivota was originally a fishing village, but is now a small 'harbor town' where many sailing yachts moor. The pleasent center has Greek charm. On the small quay are several taverns, a few shops and nice terraces. You can already explore the area, but we recommend that you relax on one of the beaches during the first days. You can reach a number of them by car, but you can also rent a boat to discover the bays. More information about Sivota.

Day 4
trip ionian islands

Day 4: Sivota - Meteora

In 2,5 hours you can drive to Meteora. We liked to stop in Metsovo for a while. Upon arrival, relax and enjoy the surroundings.

Day 5
trip ionian islands

Day 5: At leisure at Meteora

Today you visit the impressive monasteries of Meteora. Those monasteries are so special because they are built high, almost inaccessible, on the rocks. Make sure you wear appropriate clothing during your visit and that not all monasteries are open daily. Ask the reception of your hotel which monasteries are open today. Here you will find more information about Meteora.

Day 6
trip ionian islands

Day 6: Meteora - Ioannina

In an hour and 45 minutes you can drive to the pleasant city of Ioannina. Use the rest of the day to discover the city. One can also visit the island in the lake.

Day 7
trip ionian islands

Day 7:at leisure in Ioannina

Get up early and head into the mountains. Be sure to take a look at the Vikos gorge and if you are not afraid of driving through the mountains, you can also visit the Dragon Lake. More information about Ioannina and surroundings.

Day 8
trip ionian islands

Day 8: Ioannina - Paxos

In about an hour and a half you can drive to the port of Igoumenitsa. You return your car and and travel to Paxos by ferry in approximately 1,5 hours. Once you have arrived you will be met and taken to your accommodation.

Day 9 & 10
trip ionian islands

Day 9 & 10: at leisure on Paxos

Paxos is a small island and very popular for day trippers. When they are gone the peace returns. Rent a motor boat (no license required) and discover small bays with turquoise water. The island of Anti-Paxos is worth a visit as well. The color of the sea make you think you ended up in the Caribbean. Learn more about Paxos.

Day 11
trip ionian islands

Day 11: Journey Paxos - Corfu

You will be brought to the port of Paxos where the ferry to Corfu departs. At Corfu there is a car waiting for you with which you can drive to your accommodation.

Day 12, 13 & 14
trip ionian islands

Day 12, 13 & 14: at leisure on Corfu

Use your car to explore the island. Discover the green mountains, hidden mountain villages and beautiful small bays. Have lunch once in the small fishing village Kasiopi and visit Corfu town with the castle. Obviously the palace of Sissi is a must-see. We would recommend you to go early to beat the crowd. Learn more about Corfu.

Additional information

Car rental

Most of these islands do not have a good network of public transportation, therefore we only offer these trips by car.


As flight rates differ per day, we offer the trips excluding flights. There are flights from €260, - per person, for those flights availability is limited. In general, the sooner you book, the cheaper the flight. We can help you to search for a suitable flight.


You can choose different type and class of accommodations with us. The hotels include breakfast and the studio's or apartments are mostly without breakfast. The hotels we divided into three different classes:

  • 2 balls Often small scale hotels with simple but decent rooms with private bathroom and toilet.
  • three balls Comfortable hotels with more facilities, often with pool. The rooms are also better.
  • four balls Luxury hotels with lots of facilities or a particularly stylish accommodation .

The studio's or apartments without breakfast we divide into two classes:

  •  2 balls Often small complexes with simple studio's or apartments with a simple own kitchenette.
  • 3 balls Often small complexes with comfortable studio's or apartments with a comfortable private kitchenette.

Be sure where you stay

Because we are very flexible, one can depart any day and one can make all kind of changes to our trips, it's impossible to check availability of accommodations in advance. We therefore assume the accommodations mentioned in the quotation are available. If something turns out to be fully booked at the time of booking, we will come up with a similar alternative, but you can still cancel the trip free of charge. So, before the final booking you will know where you will be staying.




2 bollen3 bollen4 bollen2 bollen3 bollen
Sivota Filakas Hotel Filakas Hotel Filakas Hotel Filakas Hotel Filakas Hotel
Meteora Doupiani House Doupiani House Meteora Hotel Doupiani House Doupiani House
Ioannina Antique Hotel Antique Hotel Antique Hotel Antique Hotel Antique Hotel
Paxos Paxos Beach Hotel Paxos Beach Hotel Paxos Club Yiannas Studios Piperis Apartments
Corfu Jason Hotel Lena Mare Lena Mare Glyfa Apartments Glyfa Apartments

"Nous sommes allés dans des endroits auxquels nous n'aurions jamais pensé"

"Quel voyage fantastique c'était encore"

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1/4 - 31/5 1/6 - 30/6 1/7 - 20/7 21/7 - 25/8
1/10 - 31/10 9/9 - 30/9 26/8 - 8/9
2 bollen 4 € 944 € 1024 € 1124 € 1279
3 € 874 € 944 € 1059 € 1199
2 € 1014 € 1114 € 1254 € 1439
1 € 1649 € 1784 € 2039 € 2299
3 bollen 4 € 999 € 1124 € 1269 € 1384
3 € 964 € 1084 € 1254 € 1354
2 € 1014 € 1159 € 1329 € 1424
1 € 1689 € 1909 € 2249 € 2474
4 bollen 4 € 969 € 1094 € 1239 € 1354
3 € 949 € 1074 € 1244 € 1344
2 € 1019 € 1164 € 1334 € 1429
1 € 1674 € 1894 € 2239 € 2459
2 bollen 4 € 719 € 779 € 914 € 999
3 € 749 € 834 € 999 € 1099
2 € 844 € 934 € 1084 € 1229
1 € 1514 € 1664 € 1969 € 2314
3 bollen 4 € 839 € 944 € 1099 € 1179
3 € 849 € 934 € 1089 € 1184
2 € 974 € 1084 € 1249 € 1334
1 € 1779 € 1969 € 2299 € 2524

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