travel to olympia

Olympia is one of the most famous historical sites of Greece and was a very important religious and athletic center for more than 1000 years. In ancient times Greek athletes, wrestlers and boxers fought in honor of the god Zeus. The winners received a sprig of the sacred olive tree and big donations. Initially the games lasted only two days, but due to the increasing number of disciplines gradually ran to 16 days.

The modern Olympic games owe their origin to Olympia. Olympia is now the location where every four years the Olympic flame is lit in a worldwide followed ceremony. They bring the torch to Athens airport and then its flown to the country where the games are organized .

The archaeological site requires a bit more imagination than that of Delphi, but it's still impressive .

In Olympia you find accommodation, restaurants, shops and also the Archaeological museum. The surroundings of Olympia are mountainous and green.

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