travel to delphi

The archaeological Delphi with the sanctuary and the oracle of the god of light, Apollo, was considered the center of the earth by the ancient Greeks. It was the largest religious center of ancient Greece with fame and authority that stretched throughout the Mediterranean area.

The oracle of Delphi was the medium through which celebrants could hear the words of the god Apollo, as they were spoken by a priestess. Who wanted to ask a question had to pay and sacrifice an animal on the altar. The question was then put to the priestess by a priest. Her answers, which were often ambiguous, were interpreted by the priest. When King Croesus of Lydia "(560-546 BC.) asked if he had to go to war against Cyprus the Great of Persia he was told that if he crossed a river, he would destroy a great empire. The Oracle was right, but it proved to be his own empire he destroyed.

The museum of Delphi is one of the most important in Greece. You can see a beautiful collection of archaeological findings from Delphi. Highlights include the Sphinx of 2.3 meters in height and a large bronze statue of the charioteer.

The village of Delphi with accommodation, restaurants and shops, is about 1 km away from the excavations. We want to advise you to go and visit the excavation site early in the morning. At this hour it will be relatively quiet since the buses with tourists from Athens haven't arrived yet.

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