travel the saronic islands

During this 11-day trip you combine culture, history and relaxation. You start in the metropolis of Athens, where a visit to the Acropolis is a highlight. Then you take your rental car to Delphi, where you will visit, among other things, the Oracle of Delphi. Then you travel to Meteora, for us this is a must-see in Greece. Meteora are monasteries built high on rocks, the view is really fantastic. You end your trip on the green island of Poros, which has many bays with beautiful beaches. After all the impressions of the past days, one can relax here. The village of Poros, the temple of Poseidon and the monastery are also worth a visit.

Interested? Read the day-to-day description of this trip below. Would you like to stay a day longer or shorter on an island or change an island for another? No problem, please indicate this on the application form and we will directly start working on a tailor made trip travel the Saronic islands.

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Day-to-day description

Day 1
travel the saronic islands

Day 1: Arrival in Athens

Upon arrival you will be met at Athens airport and transferred to your hotel. Enjoy an evening stroll through the atmospheric Plaka and Psiri and dine on one of the many terraces. Would you rather skip Athens during your trip? Ask us for the possibilities.

Day 2
travel the saronic islands

Day 2: at leisure in Athens

The second day is completely at leisure. We would advise you to get up early and visit the Acropolis. This is the highlight of Athens for many people. Can't you get enough of the Greek history ? Please visit the theater of Dionysos and the new Acropolis Museum. Learn more about Athens

Day 3
travel the saronic islands

Day 3: Athens - Delphi

Your rental car will be delivered around 10 hours in the morning at your hotel. It will take you about 2,5 hours in order to reach Delphi. Use the afternoon to walk around and explore the nearby area.

Day 4
travel the saronic islands

Day 4: Sightseeing & Journey Delphi to Meteora

We advise you to get up early and go to the excavations of Delphi. When you are early the buses with loads of tourists from Athens have not arrived yet, and you can quietly visit the excavations. Here you can find more information about Delphi. Around noon we advise you to hit the road and head to Meteora, a journey that will last about 3,5 hours.

Day 5
travel the saronic islands

Day 5: At leisure at Meteora

Today you visit the impressive monasteries of Meteora. Those monasteries are so special because they are built high, almost inaccessible, on the rocks. Make sure you wear appropriate clothing during your visit and that not all monasteries are open daily. Ask the reception of your hotel which monasteries are open today. Here you will find more information about Meteora.

travel the saronic islands

Day6: Meteora - Athens - Poros

In about five and a half hours you will drive to the port of Athens where you return your car and take the ferry to Poros. The ferry takes approximately 1 to 2,5 hours (depending on the boat). Once you arrive at the port of Poros, you will be picked up and brought to your accommodation.

Day 7, 8 & 9
travel the saronic islands

Day 7, 8 & 9: at leisure on Poros

Poros is a lovely island with green bays and beautiful beaches. Visit Poros town, the monastery and the temple of Poseidon. Learn more about Poros.

Day 10
travel the saronic islands

Day 10: Poros - Athens

You will be picked up at your accommodation and brought to the port of Poros to catch your ferry with destination Athens. The journey takes about 1- 2,5 hours (depending on the ferry). Once arrived at the port of Athens someone will be waiting for you to take you to your accommodation.

Additional information

Car rental

Most islands have a good network of public transport to explore the islands. However if you want to explore the islands thoroughly and go where the buses do not go / stop, we advise you to rent a car. Ask us about the possibilities.


As flight rates differ per day, we offer the trips excluding flights. There are flights from €260, - per person, for those flights availability is limited. In general, the sooner you book, the cheaper the flight. We can help you to search for a suitable flight.


You can choose different type and class of accommodations with us. The hotels include breakfast and the studio's or apartments are mostly without breakfast. The hotels we divided into three different classes:

  • 2 balls Often small scale hotels with simple but decent rooms with private bathroom and toilet.
  • three balls Comfortable hotels with more facilities, often with pool. The rooms are also better.
  • four balls Luxury hotels with lots of facilities or a particularly stylish accommodation .

The studio's or apartments without breakfast we divide into two classes:

  •  2 balls Often small complexes with simple studio's or apartments with a simple own kitchenette.
  • 3 balls Often small complexes with comfortable studio's or apartments with a comfortable private kitchenette.

Be sure where you stay

Because we are very flexible, one can depart any day and one can make all kind of changes to our trips, it's impossible to check availability of accommodations in advance. We therefore assume the accommodations mentioned in the quotation are available. If something turns out to be fully booked at the time of booking, we will come up with a similar alternative, but you can still cancel the trip free of charge. So, before the final booking you will know where you will be staying.




2 bollen3 bollen4 bollen2 bollen3 bollen
Athens Economy Hotel Arion Hotel Fresh Hotel Economy Hotel Arion Hotel
Delphi Fedriades Hotel Fedriades Hotel Amalia Hotel Fedriades Hotel Fedriades Hotel
Meteora Dupiani House Dupiani House Meteora Hotel Dupiani House Dupiani House
Poros Odyssey Apartments New Aigli Hotel Sirene Blue Villa Kostis Aegean Villa

"L'organisation s'est parfaitement déroulée sans faute"

"L'organisation s'est parfaitement déroulée sans faute, nous n'avons donc eu à nous soucier de rien."

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The prices




1/4 - 31/5 1/6 - 30/6 1/7 - 20/7 21/7 - 25/8
1/10 - 31/10 9/9 - 30/9 26/8 - 8/9
2 bollen 4 € 574 € 599 € 714 € 714
3 € 539 € 549 € 629 € 629
2 € 644 € 664 € 789 € 789
1 € 1109 € 1144 € 1359 € 1359
3 bollen 4 € 639 € 659 € 774 € 774
3 € 594 € 599 € 684 € 684
2 € 704 € 724 € 849 € 849
1 € 1219 € 1254 € 1469 € 1469
4 bollen 4 € 799 € 874 € 969 € 969
3 € 724 € 779 € 844 € 844
2 € 899 € 979 € 1079 € 1079
1 € 1539 € 1639 € 1794 € 1794
2 bollen 4 € 574 € 594 € 614 € 614
3 € 589 € 614 € 629 € 629
2 € 649 € 674 € 719 € 719
1 € 1169 € 1224 € 1299 € 1299
3 bollen 4 € 659 € 659 € 749 € 749
3 € 679 € 679 € 749 € 749
2 € 869 € 869 € 969 € 969
1 € 1599 € 1599 € 1799 € 1799

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Prices travel the Saronic islands are per person and include:

  • 14 nights accommodation
  • All ferrytickets
  • Transfers to and from Athens airport
  • Transfers to and from Poros port
  • >
  • 3 days car rental, pick up and drop off at your hotel in Athens (car rental conditions)

Prices travel the Saronic islands exclude:

  • International flights
  • Travel or cancellation insurances
  • Reservation costs of €25,- (in total)
  • An extra charge for the period of 1-7 May, 21-24 June & 12-15 September because of local festivities. Ask us for a quotation to get the exact costs.