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Tinos is, after Andros and Naxos, the largest island of the Cyclades and hasa surface area of ??approximately 195 km2. Tinos is an unspoilt and quiet island and is also called the Lourdes of the Aegean Sea. This is because of the icon 'Megalochari' which apparently has healing powers. On arriving by ferry one immediately sees the church Panagía Evangelístria at the top of Tinos Town. It is the main church of Greece and home to the previously named icon.

On the way to the church it can happen that you see someone crawling on hands and knees up to the church. There is a story that in ancient times a woman has accomplished this journey on hand and knees to seek healing for a sick family member. Her prayer and penance were rewarded and the familymember was healed. For this reason this journey is completed by others nowadays.

This pilgrimage church attracts thousands of visitors, especially on Assumption day (15 August). In other periods, Tinos still relatively quiet and not overrun by tourists.

Tinos is typical island of the Cyclades with white cubic houses and narrow streets. The port of Tinos has many small taverns and ouzo-places.There are many dovecotes on the island. These are built with great mastery and imagination and nearly found on Tinos. The Venetians have introduced milking the pigeons on Tinos. They are mainly found on the fields near the Venetian fortress at the foot of the mountain Exoburgo.

Besides the religious sites Tinos also offers some popular beaches like Kionia and Agios Fokas.

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